Friday, 15 July 2011

Dude, where were you?

So, yeah, I'm back.
As this is a mad, mad world we live in, I'm guessing that some of you might have forgotten me by now. So, here's the scoop.
I'm a twenty- something years old mechanical engineering student. I have a girl, or the girl, as I choose to believe. I love to read but don't have time for it. I love to drink but don't have money for it. I love music. Rock, metal, old punk and all that is in between.
I love blogging.
The reason for my absence lays here. I had a huge problem getting my internet connection in order; took me a while, but here I am.
I blog about myself. What else is there to blog about, anyhow?
I try to sum up my days in single sentences. People are bussy and probably don't have time to read novels about my everyday life. But sentences... They love it.
I love it.

Gosh. Did you miss me?


  1. That's a bit more than a sentence...

    And DUDE! Where have you been??

  2. Haha I missed the brevity of your documented life. You better make up for it with some run-ons :)

  3. omg you've been MIA for like forever! So glad that you're back! :)

  4. That was way more than ONE sentence, dude!

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  6. Did you forget that your blog is called "my day in a sentence?" ;) You could have just said "I was absent for a long time because I had internet connection issues; but now i am back to blog about myself!" :P

  7. I was wondering about you. I am glad you are back and life sounds good too.

  8. That a damned good collection of sentences.

  9. Haha ncie! Hit me back,

  10. @Lost: Gosh. Everywhere. :D
    @Leila: Well, I'm back. :)
    @Dustee, Maria, Steven, Bart, Decadent, Shopgirl: Thank you! :)
    @ADSL, Shutterbug, Gorilla: Well, it's been more than a day. ;D
    @Jessica: Will do. :)

  11. In response to your comment on my blog, it did not sound sleazy! Thank you for being honest. & I, too, am about the past. Not all the time, but it wouldn't be wise to let go of it.

  12. nice post! see you... +follow