Saturday, 1 October 2011

Blogger Virtual Zombie Walk Event! :)

Roses are red,
Zombies are green,
They'll eat your brain
And a bit of your spleen.
 by: me

Just in case you thougt I lost my mind: no, I did no such thing.

There is this thing called Blogger Virtual Zombie Walk. And I'm participating.
It is a nice little way of showing all of the lonely zombies out there that they're not alone. So, if you happen to see a zombie any time soon, please, do give him a hug and show him some love.

So, to quote the lovely Sharon of autumnforestghosthunter@blogspot:

Welcome to our annual Blogger Virtual Zombie Walk. This event makes it possible for you to have a day of reading zombie-related posts nonstop. Just click your way down the list of links at the bottom of each post and go from blog to blog for a huge variety of zombie-related fun including giveaways, art, short stories, reviews, short films and other surprises! This is our way of telling bloggers that October is coming tomorrow and we are totally stoked!
Autumn Forest
Above the Norm: Bizarre Arizona
Zombies Everywhere
Holly's Horrorland
Little Gothic Horrors
Anything Horror
Katy Bennett Horror Writer and Poet
Bubba's Place
Horror Smorgasbord
Monkey Man
Words and Music
Red Shoes Chronicles
The Wolf's Eyes
My Day in a Sentence
Pixie's Horror Galore
Strange State
The Misadventures of HalloweeNut
Halloween Blues
Kweeny Todd
The California Blogging Massacre
Horror Shock Lolipop
Vanessa Morgan
Improbable Frontiers
No Really, You Can Eat It
Art By Living Dead Girl Nicole
Two Gory Chicks
A Dust Bunny in the Wind
A Ghoul's Best Friend
Zombies Are Magic
Cherry Neko Saves the World
Tall Tales
At the Mansion of Madness
The Haunted Rose
The Rotting Zombie
Halloween Overkill
Out of the Shadows
Creepy Glow Keyhole Gallery
Creepy Glowbugg
Bifocal Univision
Sherry Soule
Anchors and Roses
Paranormal Researchers Group
Whispering Pines History
Lovely Miss Megs
Sean Thomas Fisher's Blogwash
Rise and Fight
Stump Town Horror
LoliClown's Little Blog of Horror
Zombies Can't Love
Books and Beyond
The Grave Bandits
Screaming Goregasms
Lazy Daisy Life
Icky Monster
Pretty in Fiction
Ivy's Closet
Justine's Halloween
Annie Walls
Just Johnny

So, if you crave yourself some zombie, these folks should help you out. :)

And if you're anything like me, being proactive and all, you'll embrace your inner undead and head to the nearest pub where you'll turn yourself into a brain- dead streets- wondering zombie; cheers! :)

(even zombies need beer)


  1. I'm not that into zombies ^^

  2. I don't know man... Zombies ate my grandpa.

  3. I love Zombies. How anyone can't like the thought of killing zombies is a mystery to me!

  4. This is great, allows some people who aren't so well known to be found and such. Also, ZOMBIESSSS.

  5. This is such a great idea!! I love zombies!!

    That poem cracked me up XD

  6. Briliant! Who doesn't love zombies?

  7. That sounds awesome!! I was wondering if there would be another actual Zombie walk this year. I'm pretty sure they did some kind of zombie parade last year in NYC around this time....

  8. We are going to need photos. Lots of them.

  9. not sure if I feel like a zombie!:) maybe during halloween?;)

  10. Cool, I'll definitely have a look

  11. This is awesome! My friend went to a zombie prom last week. She said it was really cool. Everyone dressed as something of the undead.

  12. well then...zombies are getting pretty popular. hopefully this will lead to the second season of Walking Dead having good ratings and getting renewed again.

  13. Looks like this zombie event-thing is getting big :).

  14. Stealing that haiku for my own use. :P

  15. I like 'em simple and short. Goes along with my attention span.

  16. @ michael westside "zombies ate my grandpa" ROFL

    this makes me miss playing plants vs zombies... ~_~

  17. bbbbbrrrrrriiiiiiaaaaaannnnnnssssss lol!!!!!

  18. @all: I'm glad you guys like the idea; feel free to participate! :)

  19. Love your little poem :)
    But I'm more of a vamp :p

    Jaya J

  20. Oh, vamp is good; don't you worry. ;D