Wednesday, 14 September 2011

And the award goes to... #1

So, as I know you guys are used to reading one sentence posts here, I'll try to be as brief as possible.

I've actually won something. An award. Well, if we are to be precise, two awards. Yeah, two! :D
It wasn't in real life, mind you, but here, in the all mighty realm of the blogosphere.
(that kinda rhymes :D)

So, without any further ado, I give you:

The Sunshine Award 2011.

The rules are quite simple here:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it. 
2. Answer the following questions:
  • Favourite Colour
  • Favourite Animal
  • Favourite Number
  • Favourite Drink
  • Facebook or Twitter
  • Your passion
  • Giving or getting presents
  • Favourite pattern
  • Favourite day
  • Favourite flowers
3. Pass it on to ten fabulous bloggers and send them a message to let them know.

So, now that we've got all of the rules lined up, let us start. :)

The person who awarded me with the said award is Michael Westside of Everyday life of Cray. He's a swell young dude that, most of all, likes to party. He's hip, he's cool, he's fun. :)
I like to think of him as the Carrie Bradshaw of the ;D
'Nuff said.

Now, on to me.
  • Favourite Colour: This changes a lot. But, I'd say green.
  • Favourite Animal: Dogs. Gotta love them. :)
  • Favourite Number: 8
  • Favourite Drink: Depends. Coffee in the morning, beer in the evening.
  • Facebook or Twitter: Both. But I like Twitter better.
  • Your passion: Dunno. Guitar. Oh, and daydreaming. I'm very good at that. :D
  • Giving or getting presents: Giving.
  • Favourite pattern: Huh?
  • Favourite day: Tomorrow.
  • Favourite flowers: Roses. Red ones.
Ten bloggers? Gosh.
First of, I love all of you. The way mothers love their children or chunky dudes love bacon. Actually, the way everybody loves bacon. Yeah, I'll go with that.
That being said, obviously, I have to pick ten.

So, here I go:

D4. This dude has some great taste in music. And he's versatile: a bit of rock here, a tad of ska there; this dude has it all. Also, the stuff he posts is, mostly, unknown to my ear. :)

GM soccer picks. As you can see, he writes about soccer. And we share the same passion for the game, so that's cool to me. But he's also more than that. Lately, he started with this series of soccer- based comics that are hands down hilarious. Worth a look, believe me. :)

Yeamie Waffles. Just like me, he writes about some everyday stuff. Unlike me, he writes a lot. His posts are massive, yet fluent. A lovely young lad. :)

The natural one. This dude, actually, is in touch with the nature. Not in a freaky way, though. He plants his tobacco and writes (mostly) about it. It's really cool to see the progress. :)

Tim. Wow. I believe all of you know him. He's a real life writer and a lunatic pope. Yeah. A lunatic pope. Imagine that. :D

Marina. A lovely young las that's (obviously ;D) a lifecoach wannabe. Most of her posts can improve your life in one way or another. :)

Copyboy. He's a wildcard. One thing's for sure, he'll show you some good fun. :)

Idaho. The chronicles of Idaho. This dude is such a good read! :)

A. You know those comics that make you laugh so hard? He has them all. :)

Katie. Her everyday life is a nice little adventure and her picture heavy posts are a must read. Seriously. Go! :)

So, that's about it.
Just remember, if I didn't pick you, doesn't mean I don't love you. :)

I still have one award to write about, but we'll get to it some other day; I just pressed the "preview" button and this post looks huge. :D


  1. Congrats! :)) Your posts always make me smile! :)

  2. Will you put it on your mantlepiece?

  3. Congrats mate!
    You deserve the award and more. :)

    And thank you ;)

  4. Wow, the sunshine award has come a long way. There's questions to answer now, that's insane!

    Also I'm flattered. Let's see how well I follow through with this.

  5. Congrats! Can't wait to see what they do as well!

  6. Quick question for you...are you from the UK? Interesting way you spell "favourite" I spell it "favorite".
    Anyhow, that has nothing to do with awards!
    Congrats on your Sunshine Award! You certainly deserve it, as I look forward to your sentences everyday!

  7. That sure is one hell of a long sentence for today...If you are note careful you will be rivalling the BlackLOG for length…

  8. How fun! 8 is my favorite number, too. :)

    ~ Angela

  9. Congrats to you on the award and such a long post.

  10. Gratz! I would give you this award as well, you're one of my favourite bloggers :-)

  11. Congrats on the award, i wonder why 8 is your favorite number and why you didn't pick monkeys. Everyone loves monkeys.

  12. Wow, I don't have my speech ready. Damn! ;) Thank you!

  13. Congrats on the prize and thanks for giving me a shout out in the process. I will make a post about it tomorrow or on Friday, along with a big announcement. So i will give you a quick hint, there is going to be a merger. Two titans (one is me) will join forces hahaha. Two blogs are getting together, they are merging, and something big is going to see the light. Two blogs making one hahaha you get the point. The second one rhymes with dick lumber hahaha expect the unexpected ;)

  14. That is awesome are you gonna frame it on put it on your shelf?
    Follow me Google users I write on a variety of stuff

  15. Winning seems like a burden! Thank you for not picking me.

  16. Thanks so much for the endorsement buddy, especially for the "lovely young lad" comment too. Going to need to get to work on an awards post soon myself, have to check out some of these guys too. Keep up the good work man :)

  17. Congrats, you deserve this! Keep up the good work and good blogging :)

  18. Wow, thanks for the pick! I feel very honored, as as for your award, it is well deserved - congrats!

  19. well, this was a little longer than a sentence

  20. That was a lot of sentences in your day...and all well written. Congrats on your reward!


  21. Grats on the awards and grats to anyone who got one!

  22. Congratulations on the award!


  23. @all: Thank you, guys, and, once again, congrats to all of the winners! :)

  24. dude, thanks so much for the shoutout! you rule!

  25. congrats ^^ tomorrow never comes!